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Questions That You Must Ask Your Bentonite Powder Exporter

Posted by Admin on May, 12, 2020

When negotiating with a bentonite powder exporter, there are certain things that you must bear in mind. Choosing the right kind of exporter might be challenging but can be simplified with a few steps and an effective guideline plan. While negotiating with an exporter or importer of bentonite powder, there occurs a series of issues, that must be addressed properly. These are the same issues that would help you ensure the ideal freight forwarding services for the consumers, with the least convenience and competitive price. The five basic questions that we must all ask the exporter of bentonite powder are given below.

What Are Their Volumes?
It is imperative to learn about the weekly, monthly, and yearly volumes of the exporter company, to align with the necessities and requirements of the customers. Check if they have valley or peak seasons, and keep that knowledge in your favor. Besides, it is important to understand that greater and bigger the volume, with which your importer or exporter works, the better you can negotiate with several other companies to enjoy the lowest rates and quality services.

What Are Their Major Ports of Origin and Destination?
You must be upfront in learning the specific routes of the client to be able to quote like a pro. The global quote might not be the best option. It is always a good idea to have an idea of the major ports and concentrate on adopting the ideal alternatives. The more specific you can get, the better you can get at adapting to services and the budget.

Ask About the Commodities that They Work With
To be able to offer quality bentonite powder to your customers, always consider asking them about their commodities and if they have specific requirements. Some of the goods tagged with requirements might be oversized, heavy, fragile, bulky, perishable, and toxic. When it comes to special goods, you must intimidate your customers beforehand about all the transport requisites as per the transport type, company and also according to the customs.

What are Their Required Freight Services?
It is important to seek answers from the exporters, regarding how they wish to get their bentonite powder transported. You need to understand and check if they would require road freight, air freight, or the option of multimodal. This is the exact way in which you would be able to provide the ideal logistic solutions to your customers and customize the routes for their shipment. The freight forwarder is known to offer an exhaustive doorstep solution customized for each consumer, being a strategic supplier.

What is the Main Priority for the Client? Is it Competitiveness or Speed?
Different consumers need different solutions. At times the exporter, gives good importance to the transportation speed, as to work with bentonite powder. However, speed is not also held important, and thereafter your customers would also ask for an economical solution. Henceforth, it is always important to learn about the client’s priorities and adapt them to provide them with the best service.
These are some of the questions, that need to be asked to the exporter of bentonite powder. With these questions answered, you would successfully be able to plan a logistics strategy that caters to the client’s expectation.

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