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What Are The Common Applications Of Iron Oxide Powder

Posted by Admin on July, 29, 2020

Iron oxide is one of the naturally occurring compounds that one can also find it being created in the laboratory. This mineral is formed when an aqueous reaction takes place in a balanced pH level and the right redox conditions. Iron oxide has a very common composition that any person who has studied even a little bit of chemistry would know. It contains iron (Fe), Oxygen (O), and hydroxide (OH). There are various types of iron oxides that can be found in the market. Some of the most common ones among them are goethite, lepidocrocite, magnetite, akaganeite, and hematite. The iron oxide powder manufacturer working in different parts of India can offer iron oxide powder in various earthy colors like brown, yellow, orange, red, and ranges of black. Various fields like agriculture, biomedicine, life sciences, and the environment see the usage and potential of iron oxide. Let’s talk about some of the common applications of iron oxide powder.

In Fertilizers: One of the common uses of iron oxide powder is seen in fertilizers. Adding this compound in the fertilizers can instantly enhance their quality and make them better fit for use on the plants and crops. These have various natural minerals that plants need and mixing it with fertilizers can instantly enhance its quality by manifolds.

In Animal Feeds: While plats are fed iron oxide through fertilizers, animals also require it for various body functions and producing better dairy. Scientists have come up with this approach to mix iron oxide in animal feeds to improve the quality of the feed. One can be assured that animals would receive the required minerals and other things by adding iron oxide in them.

In Paints & Polishes: Another application of iron oxide is seen in paints. You know about diamond setter’s rouge or simply rouge; that is a very finer powder created using iron oxide or ferric oxide. The gems, especially metallic gems, get their last coating using this polish to retain their fine and beautiful shine. It can even be used for restoring the finish and shine of gemstones and metals as well.

In Biomedical Industry: The application of iron oxide in the biomedical industry is increasingly becoming popular among the biomedical scientists. The nanoparticles of iron oxide are non-lethal and biocompatible. They are also known to be pragmatic at their molecule size. When performing reverberation imaging, iron oxide can be used and even in the easy transport of pharmaceuticals.

Iron oxide and iron oxide powder is fast gaining prominence among the people, scientists, .and agriculturists. It has been proven to increase the quality of yields when used in fertilizer, increase the produce by cattle when used as animal feed, and also offer a variety of other functions in the environment, biomedical, glass, cementing, and many other industries. Owing to the increasing popularity of iron oxide and its application, one can now find many iron oxide manufacturers in the market. You can approach them at any point and they would be ready with the best quote for you as per your requirement.

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